• The Institute of Management Specialists (IMS), founded in 1971, is a United Kingdom based professional qualification awarding body.

  • The IMS is listed in British Qualifications – the British Council’s reference book, published by Kogan Page Ltd. It is also listed in the BTEC Higher National Professional Recognition & Progression Directory and is on the UK Register for Learning Providers (Provider Reference Number: 10035444).

    The IMS is Member of the Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB).

    Applicants will be assessed on their education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.) and responsibility.

    The Institute of Management Specialists places great emphasis on lifelong learning through continuous professional development and our core differentiation of our members being managers and specialists.

    The grading structure gives a clear path for members to progress through our grades to enhance their career aspirations and a points based system is used for this purpose.

    We recognise degrees earned at recognised universities that are relevant to both management and a (potential) member’s specialism.

    A professional membership diploma is issued to members as visible evidence of commitment and professionalism. Members are also entitled to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name on business cards, letter headings, etc.

    IMS grades and points thresholds:

    Student Member   0 points
    Associate Member     60 points
    Full Member    120 points
    Fellow    180 points
    Companion  250 points

    In addition to the relevant number of points, new Fellows and those upgrading from Full Members must have an IMS Specialised Manager Award and at least four years’ practical managerial experience.

  • To achieve the Companion grade, a person is required to have been a Fellow before being considered for upgrade to our highest status, although under exceptional circumstances the President may invite a distinguished and exceptional individual to enter at Companion level with the agreement of the Management Council.

    Grade points will be awarded on the following basis:

    • - Relevant Diploma 60 points
      - Recognised Bachelor’s Degree 120 points
      - Recognised Master’s Degree 160 points
      - Doctorate 230 points
      - Management experience 5 points p.a. as a practicing manager

    Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    IMS encourages CPD to meet the aim of supporting lifelong learning and professional education. This service is included in the annual membership fee. Registration for CPD early each year is recommended although not mandatory prior to the annual submission at the end of the year of a paper with a minimum of 250 words describing each CPD activity you are claiming credit for. The annual submission details each activity event, knowledge gained and how it has been applied to the working environment.

    Employer Membership Status Reference Service

    In reply to a request from a member’s employer or prospective employer either by letter or email IMS will provide a reference. This service is included in the annual membership fee.

    Opt-in Members’ Directory

    To be launched soon on the IMS website. Sometimes it helps to be able to talk to someone who has experienced an issue that you are facing. Therefore having contact information to get in touch with other members may be helpful.

    Members are encouraged to use ‘LinkedIn’ where the IMS is already represented and our own directory will be established on this website. This will be an ‘opt-in’ service to respect the privacy of those members who may not want that level of visibility.

    Your details will be in the members’ only part of the website and those who wish to take part are invited to submit no more than a couple of sentences about themselves together with their email contact address.

    Again, this service is included within the annual membership fee.


    IMS encourages our successful and established Companions and Fellows to help others earlier in their careers through becoming a Mentor. Those wishing to become a Mentor should provide IMS with a brief synopsis of their experience and skills for publication on a private page on the website to match with potential Mentees.


    The Management Specialist is issued free to members twice a year, in January and July. The E-Journal keeps members informed about what is happening within the Institute and contains articles of interest to managers and specialists. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge by writing articles for publication.


    IMS is working with academic partners to recognise a new range of professional courses that will be available to members to enhance their development (and be part of their CPD), which will primarily be offered on a distance learning basis. These will be advertised through our journal, on this website and in our ‘LinkedIn’ group.

    Reciprocal Membership Arrangements 

  • The Institute maintains close contact with other professional bodies and has signed reciprocal membership agreements with a number of organisations. The current list can be viewed here on the IMS website.

    International Chapters

  • A network of international Chapters has been established to assist new applicants and to provide a local contact and point of reference for members.

    Summary of the benefits of membership:

    • Use of the appropriate designatory letters
      Professional status and recognition
      Receipt of the IMS E-Journal
      Free advert in the journal when seeking a new position
      Free advert in the journal when recruiting for your company
      CPD Program
      Employer Membership Status Reference Service
      Opt-in Members’ Directory
      Mentoring Service
      Professional Courses 

    Download a Membership Application Form here

    Annual Subscription

    COMPANION   Comp.I.M.S. – GBP 90.00
    FELLOW   F.I.M.S. – GBP 70.00
    FULL MEMBER   M.I.M.S. – GBP 65.00
    STUDENT MEMBER   Stud.I.M.S. – GBP 35.00
    RETIRED MEMBER – Half Fees

    Subscriptions are due annually on the date of election.