OUR objectives

To encourage management excellence and specialist expertise.

To help members achieve their personal aspirations, fulfil their career ambitions and develop their innate potential.

To support lifelong learning and encourage education in management and specialist areas.

To give professional recognition to the knowledge and skills of managers and specialists.

  • The Institute of Management Specialists (IMS), founded in 1971, is a United Kingdom based professional qualification awarding body.

  • The IMS is listed in British Qualifications– the British Council’s reference book, published by Kogan Page Ltd.

    Applicants will be assessed on their education, training, knowledge, skill and experience (K.S.E.) and responsibility.



The Institute of Management Specialists has established a new Singapore Chapter

Omega Global Education Group
Authorised Rep.
Dato’ Professor Raymond See

August 2016

The IMS Management E-Library is now live. Please submit your academic papers on specialised management topics for inclusion.

September 2015

New course launched: Professional Diploma in Project Management Development. Details can be seen here:

August 2015



Specialised Manager Award
Associate Members, Full Members, Fellows or Companion Members who satisfy one of the below criteria:

- At least four years specialised management experience in one of the listed specialised management areas

- 30 credit hours in subjects in the direct specialised area

- or a combination of the above which satisfies the Institute of Management Specialists award committee


Certified Specialist Manager Award

Specialised Managers who complete the IMS Continuous Professional Development program (CPD) will be awarded Certified Specialist Manager status.

The CPD requirements are 5 professional development activities per year.

Note - if any individual activity consists of greater than 15 hours of learning, it may be counted as two activities.